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Using the bright side of your brain
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-- Land That I Love Contributers 2006 Art and Craft Show
About MeAeromedical Staging Flight (ASF) Presentation on 20 Sep 2007
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Pappy's Memorial Page Penguins / Happy Feet
Photos from Scott Art Guild Meeting, Feb 6, 2007 Pinewood Derby Car
Portrait Freedom Puzzles
Quick LookSACG Featured Artist, 1st Qtr 2007
SACG Featured Artist, 2d Qtr, Apr-Jun 2007 SACG Featured Artist, 3d Qtr 2007
SACG Meeting Photos, June 2007 SACG Minutes
SACG Mtg Photos, Mar 2007 SACG Suggested Art Links
Scott AFB Arts & Crafts Center 2007 Open House: Photos by Marv Lynchard Scott AFB Arts and Crafts Center 2007 Open House
Scott Air Show 2007 Scott Artist and Crafters Guild
Scroll Sawn Art by Jesse DavisSearch
Spirit Series Successful Order
Tools and Their Uses Welcome Home Our Heroes, Art from the Heart: "...Land That I Love..." (HQ AMC Art Project)
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