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Safety Wisdom 
(Some of these are sorta funny in a sick kind of way)

Here's a few safety tips from my USAF carpentry days (most were not me, but I'm not saying which ones were!) (^:E

1. NEVER carry a saws-all by the blade...saw a fella do this once and watched him cut his hand wide open because the cord got caught on something.
2. ALWAYS use your table saw's lower guards (Shopsmith). Knew a fella who lost a few fingers on this one.

3. When installing drywall on metal studs, ensure your finger holding the stud is not in-line with the screw or you might attach yourself.....

4. When taking down Christmas lights from your beautiful weeping willow, ensure your 16" extension ladder (fully extended) is secure on a stout, large diameter limb and not one that might suddenly decide to break and drop you 16' to the cold, hard Texas ground. It's not the fall that hurts your head/neck/back/arse, it's the sudden stop which also knocks the chill January air from your lungs....and to do it in front of your wife and neighbors, and them hovering over you trying to pick your broken body and pride off of the ground is just too much to bear (smile).

5. When using a roofing air nailer with two safetys. make sure you actually utilize the safetys, and also ensure the person laying shingles at break neck speed for you to nail down doesn't step on the air hose and cause you to drive a large diameter roofing nail into the top of your foot. And when you get the nerve to pull the nail out, make sure your "helper" isn't looking because he/she might not like the sight of blood spurting out of your foot (akin to a water fountain) and decide to almost faint and fall off of a two-story building.

6. When using a framing air nailer, make sure no body parts are in-line with the wood being nailed. Especially on a gable end of a roof--was right next to a young man when a nail decided to exit a 2x4 (due to a knot) and lodge itself deeply within his knee....and then almost fall to the ground.

7. When using a large metal foot shear, ensure your fingers are not extending past the "cut line," saw a man cut two fingers off this way....

8. Always respect the tool you are using...I had two run-ins in high school, one with a table saw and one with a bandsaw (18 and 9 stitches respectfully). Sharp blades always win don't ya know!

9. ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear your safety protection: eye / hearing / hand, etc!!

Hope this helps! (Maybe I should write a book? Think anyone would buy it?)