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Using the bright side of your brain
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 Welcome Home Our Heroes
Project Contributers and Artists

Scott Company Grade

Officer Council

Mrs. Rhina Herson

 Capt Lea Moore


Scott AFB Youth Center

POC:  Ms. Celeste Rumler

 Miss Amelia Herson

Mrs. Susan Olsen


Fabrication Specialists

of Alton

Capt Austin Hood

Capt Charles Silvanic


Capt Amber Cassell

 Colonel Barbara Jacob

A1C Monique Smith 

Ms. Charlaine Cavicchia

 Ms. Gina Gregson 

TSgt Zoila Turley

Mrs. Makaye Conrad


Mrs. Rebecca Jeffers



Mrs. Karen Villa


CMSgt Jesse Davis

  Mrs. Renee Kane

 Maj Kevin Wilson

Mrs. Tami Galdeen

Capt David McMillan

 Mrs. Bernadette Wood