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"...Land That I Love..."
HQ AMC Art Project at Scott AFB Hospital
Jan 2007

The Scott AFB Hospital now has an art mural in the 375th Aeromedical Staging Flight/Facility area where wounded troops come in from the war.  This mural consists of 24 galvanized tin panels (different sizes, mine is 12" x 25") with various scenes from across the United States.  Artists from Scott AFB painted these tins to represent different states (i.e. Texas), cities, coastlines, and well known landmarks (Mt Rushmore/the Dakotas for me; Grand Canyon, etc).  Since I haven't painted in years, I decided to do some scroll work, and mount it on the tin.  I completed this project on 15 Jan 2007 (started 13 Jan!) and added a few painted pheasant and deer tracks on the bottom.  I was going to paint a few other things, but decided "less is more."  I also donated a "Land That I Love" scrolled sign in 3/4" walnut (with a "live edge").  I started documenting all of the artwork at Capt Cassell's office on 18 Jan 2007 and took photos of the pieces collected to date (18 including mine; there were six still in progress at that time). There were 23 panels completed as of 25 Jan 2007, with only one remaining for turn in, and new photos were added here that same day.  Final photo of "Deep South / Florida" added on 31 Jan 2007.
(Note:  Navigation changed / new pages added on 13 Feb 2007)


Symbolism of my art piece:
Connie from "The Scroller's Cafe" designed the Mt Rushmore pattern for me, filling my request (same day) I made on her, Gayle's, and Jeannette's MSN group.  I chose Gayle's "Spirit of the Horse" pattern because South Dakota is known for its Native American heritage.  The mountains remind me of the Black Hills as well as teepees.  The deer tracks' symbolism reflects prosperity, safety, shelter, and also of the proximity to prey.  They are also used as a directional indicators, and as a clan symbol.  I depicted pheasant tracks because the ring-necked pheasant is South Dakota's state bird.  I used gold paint for the tracks as a reference to Black Hills gold.   
Details of my art piece:
The Mt Rushmore cut is 3/4" walnut with a "live edge," glued to the metal with Gorilla Glue and screwed also.  The Spirit of the Horse cut is 1/8" maple ply glued only.  The galvanized tin was sanded with 600 grit, and then two coats each of primer, satin black, and clear matte spray.  I cut templates for the deer and pheasant tracks and stippled them with a brush and gold paint.  That is my j² in the bottom right corner, was experimenting to see if I could do some tin punching.