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Many of the sites listed below got me seriously back into this hobby in December 2005.  Previously I had not touched my scroll saw for almost 3 years, and prior to that I didn't know of these types of sites' existence.  Several of the other sites I frequent to purchase supplies such as wood or blades....

The Scroller's Cafe² (new Xcoboard opened
1 Nov 2008 to replace the MSN site)
  Free 4 All ScrollSaw Patterns (ScrollZilla and crew's new board after AFSP decided to go o'er to SSWC).
Kerf Designs
Absolutely Free Scroll Saw Patterns(AFSP--MSN Group--MSN shut down all of their groups in Feb 2009)  AFSP has now merged with SSWC magazine's forum, link below.
The Scroller's Cafe (old MSN Group--MSN  shut down all of their groups in Feb 2009)
Sloan's Woodshop (I get most of my 1/8" plywoods here)
Mike's Workshop (home to Flying Dutchman blades)
Advanced Scroll Saw Patterns (Jeff Zaffino, the word "Advanced" says it all!)
Hibdon Hardwood, Inc. (located in St Louis, MO--I used to drive across the Mississippi to get my exotic woods from them)
Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine
Creative Scroll Saw James Story's personal site

Scrollsaw Association of the World

ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine

Mission:  "To promote scrolling as an artform and an enjoyable pastime--for all ages and all skill levels."

 Rick's Scrollsaw (tons of helpful info)

 80 Art Designs (Andy Deane's site; thanks Andy!)

 Kerry's Portraits in Wood (Gallery and pattern sales; check out the newspaper article on Kerry, bottom left of page!)

 Triple W Design Studio (Mike Williams, master scroller, fantastic pattern designer!)


Creations in Wood by Warner (Hand-made wood art by Larry Warner)

 Scrollsaw Patterns Online (Kevin Daly is a fantastic pattern maker and has many of his patterns published in the top scrolling mags).
  ScrollCrafters  (Mike Dingas' site, he sells both patterns and finished cuttings, and has some exclusive work!  His "About Us" page details his "old fashioned" processes which are very similar to mine).
  Diane's Wood Creations (Where a plank of raw wood becomes something very special).
 Scroll Saw Artist (Sue Mey's new website; she is a regular in CWC, and lives in Pretoria, South Africa.  A new free scroll saw pattern is added from time to time too!).
 Project Compassion Kaziah and friends paint heirloom legacies of courage for our fallen troops' families.
 office Live eXtended Technologies Links 
   Gem City Graphics
  Unique Woodthngs  TX-flavored and unique wood items like banks and signs for sale.
  TJ's WoodshopSpecializing in Scrollsaw Fretwork and Intarsia.
  Scrollsaw Workshop Blog Steve Good's site, many free patterns, and tons of technique videos on YouTube.
  Bottles By Design Hand painted wine bottles, artwork, and furniture.