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Hello everyone!  My name is Jesse Davis, and I create scroll sawn artwork.  I create one of a kind, handcrafted pieces using my hands, eyes, and an electric scroll saw.  There is absolutely no automated or computer-controlled cutting found on this site.  I make many of my own patterns as well, and can custom design just about any pattern / cutting out there.  I also have a growing Facebook business page here: 


Jesse Davis is ALSO a professional photographer living in Alaska (since 2010), and a retired USAF CMSgt (E-9) with 30+ years of Active Duty service to our nation.  When he's not scrolling he loves shooting landscapes, people, "hunting" with a camera, and Northern Lights!

Order prints here ... for aurora photos, I would suggest the metallic paper or splurge on metal prints (no frames required)!

"Like" his photography on Facebook too:
The Gallery link contains photos organized by category, and I update it as needed--so check back often! My newest cuts are usually at the "Latest Work" link OR more likely at the Facebook Business Page below....


Why are you a scroll sawer?
"I've never been able to cut a straight line in my whole life, so I went out and got myself a scroll saw."  I read this "joke" on a woodworking forum, and for anyone who is at all familiar with a scroll saw, they can attest cutting straight lines on a scroll saw can be difficult.  I have worked with wood all of my life and enjoy the satisfaction of creating art from a piece of wood's blank canvas.  It is even more rewarding when the pattern is of my own design!
I pay particular attention to detail, fit and finish.  One of my mottos is "first class or no class," and my pieces will meet that standard every time.



Site "born on" date: Apr 25, 2012 [after being 6 yrs on OLSB].  All patterns, photos, and articles on this site are protected by copyright. © 2006-2017, Jesse Davis, All Rights Reserved.
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